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杏彩电子游艺怎么代理 每日新闻播报(August 30)

2020-01-11 17:05:59


杏彩电子游艺怎么代理 每日新闻播报(August 30)

杏彩电子游艺怎么代理,queen elizabeth ii welcomes boris johnson during an audience in buckingham palace, where she will officially recognise him as the new prime minister, in london, britain july 24, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>britain suspends parliament


queen elizabeth ii announced wednesday she has given her consent to the request of prime minister boris johnson to suspend the british parliament. 英国女王伊丽莎白二世28日宣布已同意首相鲍里斯·约翰逊提出的暂停议会活动的请求。

the prime minister met with the queen on wednesday morning to request that she shuts down parliament on sept 9, just days after members return from their summer break, until oct 14, just two weeks before the brexit deadline on oct 31. 约翰逊28日上午同女王见面,请求女王宣布议会从9月9日起休会,那时议员们刚结束暑假返岗没几天,而休会将一直持续至10月14日,那时距脱欧截止日期10月31日仅剩两周。

the move appeared designed to limit the opportunity for members of parliament to press ahead with their plans to prevent johnson from leaving the european union on oct 31 without a deal.此举的目的似乎是让议员们不再有机会通过法案来阻止约翰逊在10月31日带领英国以无协议的方式脱欧。


>harvard freshman turned away



an incoming harvard freshman was quizzed about friends' social media posts and ultimately turned away by immigration officials after touching down at boston's airport friday. 23日,一名抵达波士顿机场的哈佛大学新生因其友人在社交媒体上的发帖被美国移民局官员问询,最终被拒绝入境。

ismail ajjawi, a 17-year-old palestinian who lives in lebanon, said he had his visa canceled after hours of questioning by an immigration official. 这名哈佛新生名叫伊斯梅尔·阿贾维,是一个17岁的巴勒斯坦男孩,现居黎巴嫩。阿贾维称,一名移民局官员对他进行了数小时的问询,最终取消了他的签证。

"after the 5 hours ended, she called me into a room, and she started screaming at me," ajjawi said in a statement. "she said that she found people posting political points of view that oppose the us on my friends list." 阿贾维在一份声明中说:"5个小时后,她把我叫进了一个房间,然后对我大喊大叫。她说,她发现我的好友列表上有人发布反对美国的政治观点。"

he added that he has no posts on his own timeline that touch on politics. 阿贾维表示自己没有发布过任何一篇讨论政治的帖子。

harvard said it was working to get ajjawi into the country.哈佛大学表示正在努力解决这一问题,让阿贾维得以入境美国。


>tu up for prestigious award


chinese scientist tu youyou, winner of the 2015 nobel prize for the discovery of artemisinin, a group of drugs used to combat malaria, has been nominated for china's medal of the republic. 因发现青蒿素而获得2015年诺贝尔奖的我国科学家屠呦呦近日入选"共和国勋章"建议名单。

a selection of candidates for the national medal and an honorary title will be held for the first time in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china (prc). 为纪念新中国成立70周年,我国将首次开展国家勋章和国家荣誉称号集中评选颁授。

the medal of the republic is the country's highest honor for prominent figures who have made great contributions to the construction and development of the prc. "共和国勋章"是向那些为国家建设和发展作出巨大贡献的杰出人士授予的国家级最高荣誉。

besides tu, seven other role models have been nominated for the honor, including yuan longping, a chinese agricultural expert who is also called the "father of hybrid rice". 除屠呦呦外,入选"共和国勋章"建议名单的还有我国农业专家、"杂交水稻之父"袁隆平等7人。

another 28 figures have been nominated for the national honorary title.另有28人入选国家荣誉称号建议人选。

a model demonstrates the waterproof function of samsung electronics' new smartphone, galaxy s7 edge, during its launch ceremony in seoul, south korea, march 10, 2016. [photo/reuters]

>smartphone sales decline


global smartphone sales decreased 1.7% year-on-year in the second quarter of this year to 368 million units, down from 374 million units in the same period last year, research and advisory firm gartner said on wednesday. 研究咨询公司gartner于28日表示,今年第二季度,全球智能手机销量同比下降1.7%,从去年同期的3.74亿部降至3.68亿部。

the world's top five vendors are samsung, huawei, apple, xiaomi, and oppo. among the top 5, huawei and samsung saw the biggest growth, with sales increases of 16.5% and 3.8%, respectively. 全球排名前五的智能手机供货商为三星、华为、苹果、小米和oppo;其中华为和三星销量增幅最大,分别增长16.5%和3.8%。

total smartphone shipments in the chinese market were 101 million units in the second quarter, up 0.5% year-on-year. 二季度中国市场的智能手机出货总量达1.01亿部,同比上涨0.5%。

global smartphone sales will remain weak for the rest of the year, gartner said. gartner称,到今年年底,全球智能手机销量仍将疲弱。

in 2019, global smartphone sales will reach 1.5 billion units. 2019年,全球智能手机销量将达15亿部。

moreover, sales of high-end smartphones will decline faster than other types, and smartphone makers are copying the high-end features of their flagship phones to lower-end models to attract users to renew their phones, gartner said.此外,高端智能手机销量将比其他类型手机销量下滑更快,智能手机制造商正将旗舰手机的高端功能复制到低端手机上,从而吸引用户更新换代。

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